PCH CAPITAL S.A. is a private consulting and investment group.

Through its own specialized entities, it manages private equity funds and offers financial consultancy on the capital market. It also advises when obtaining capital and in investor relations, as well as it supports the management of properties of corporate and individual customers.

Using the competence of advisory entities, PCH CAPITAL S.A. contributes to the increase of income and the value of owned private equity funds and their portfolio companies.

It also carries out its own investment projects.

PCH CAPITAL S.A., directly or through the controlled or managed by it stock exchange or private funds, conducts:

  1. investments in its own business undertakings – construction companies from the ground up in which: the idea, first financing, creating the strategy and the team, and in the next step the choice of financial and business partners, belongs to PCH CAPITAL S.A.,
  2. strategic long-term investments – majority packages of specialized advisory and investment companies in which the fund creates the development strategy, selects professionals from the business for management boards and supervisory boards, and it exerts active proprietary supervision,
  3. supplementary mid- and short-term investments – opportunist transactions in minority packages creating the chance of above-average profit regardless of the stock exchange situation,

All projects are carried out based on fundamental analysis, i.e. quantitative factors (among others, the analysis of financial statements, forecasting the results, valuation), as well as qualitative factors (among others, the assessment of the management board, the analysis of the company’s strategy, the quality of communication with investors). The potential investments can be at any stage of development. By implementing optimum strategic solutions, financial or organizational, in cooperation with the managerial staff, the specialists from the consulting and investment group PCH CAPITAL S.A. aim at maximizing the financial results and building a competitive position of the managed funds and their portfolio companies.

PCH CAPITAL S.A. takes full advantage of its assets:

  1. high level of competence and experience of teams in the advisory companies,
  2. engagement of traders in private equity funds,
  3. clearly defined strategy focused on management of the controlled private equity funds,
  4. active supervision and cooperation with the managing funds and their portfolio companies, including participation in the managing and supervising authorities,
  5. creativity and use of diversified financial instruments upon execution of transactions,
  6. flexible and relatively quick undertaking of the investment decisions – one owner, involvement in the current operations of the advisory entities of the group and decisive and opinion-forming authorities of the funds (Management Board, Supervisory Board, Advisory Board, outside advisors),
  7. operative support of funds and portfolio companies and funding the projects being executed by them.