24 May 2013 | Company controlled by PCH CAPITAL S.A. – INTUITIA S.A. has purchased attractive receivables.

INTUITIA CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd. – entity controlled by INTUITIA S.A. has purchased receivables from Technology Space S.A. with the total principal amount of PLN 388,000.00.

The above receivables were purchased at a very attractive discount.

INTUITIA S.A. estimates that revenues from recovered receivables plus interest will influence its consolidated net profit by app. PLN 500,000.00.

Moreover, purchase of receivables to the company’s own account is a new and very attractive segment of activity of the company controlled by INTUITIA S.A.

After four months of 2013, INTUITIA S.A. has generated the consolidated net profit of PLN 1,580,000.00.

The consolidated net profit of INTUITIA S.A. for 2013 is forecast to reach PLN 2,000,000.00.

PCH CAPITAL S.A., through P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd. controls 70.92% of the share capital of INTUITIA S.A.