PCH CAPITAL S.A. holds, directly and indirectly through P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd. 1,580,000 registered series A shares and 28.164.809 ordinary bearer shares of EQUITIER S.A., constituting 96.12% of the share capital and 96.31% of the overall number of votes.

The share capital of EQUITIER S.A. amounts to PLN 3,094,500.00.

EQUITIER S.A. is a dominant subject of diversified, dynamically developing capital group conducting its activity on financial services.

The company conducts investment in construction companies from the very beginning or at the early stage of their development, in which the idea, first financing, creating of strategy and team and then selection of financial partners and branch specialists belongs to EQUITIER S.A.
As a holding subject EQUITIER S.A. looks for, invests and then actively takes part in creating of value of the companies that belong to the capital group by supervision and coordination of their development.

EQUITIER S.A. is going to gain its dynamic growth of value by systematic operational development of companies that belong to the group or by well-thought-out and intentional acquisitions. Foundation of another subjects acting their activity on financial services, enriching current offer of the group or widening the market of recipients of their services will be also an important element of strategy.

Shares of EQUITIER S.A. are quoted in the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market operated by Warsaw Stock Exchange – Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie S.A.

The company is managed by Mr. Marcin Nastarowicz – the President of the Management Board who has a long-term experience on active sale of financial instruments, creating and coordinating of sales network (including brokerage offices and financial agencies), training and organizing of marketing campaigns for distributors acting on financial market. In 2012 he took care about managing of sale of institutional products at Bank Pocztowy S.A., in the years 2005 – 2011 he fulfilled function of regional sales director at Skarbiec Asset Management Holding S.A. – Skarbiec TFI, in the years 2002 – 2005 he was a key distributors director at Skarbiec Asset Management Holding S.A. – Skarbiec Serwis Finansowy and in the years 2001 – 2002 – he was a manager of sales segment at Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne „Skarbiec – Emerytura” S.A. Previously, in the years 1998 – 2001 he subsequently worked as a sales representative at Felix Polska GmbH, regional sales director at Citibank/Warta Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne „DOM” S.A. and business development manager at TGC Group Poland.