PCH CAPITAL S.A. holds directly and indirectly, through P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd., 17,000,000 preference registered shares of INTUITIA S.A., which constitute 85,91% in the share capital and 85,91% in total number of votes.

PCH CAPITAL S.A. together with its parent company ROWING CAPITAL Ltd. control 29,100,000 shares constituting 100% of the share capital and 100% of the total number of votes of INTUITIA S.A.

Share capital of the company amounts to PLN 2,910,000.00.

INTUITIA S.A. directly and through the controlled entity INTUITIA CAPITAL (CYPRUS) LTD.:

  1. is lending money,
  2. is purchasing debts,
  3. is giving financial support in projects carried out by funds and portfolio companies from the PCH CAPITAL S.A. Capital Group,
  4. is purchasing debt financial instruments,
  5. is purchasing other financial instruments.