PCH CAPITAL directly and through P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd. holds 7,500,000 privileged registered shares of PCH VENTURE S.A., constituting 100% of the share capital and 100% of the total number of votes.

The share capital of the company amounts to PLN 750,000.00.

PCH VENTURE S.A. is a venture fund, investing in enterprises where innovation constitutes an important element of competitive advantage.

PCH VENTURE S.A. investment projects are characterized by implementation of modern technologies, offering the unique products or services of a very high quality as well as competitiveness on Euromarkets.

Companies from PCH VENTURE S.A. portfolio are actively extracting the support of the capital market, bank financing, subsidy from European Union funds as well as funds of the National Capital Fund.

PCH VENTURE S.A. investment strategy is assuming to become involved into capital venture undertakings through the funds or directly into companies.

INDYGOTECH MINERALS S.A., the fund quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is a crucial project of PCH VENTURE S.A., which in its investment portfolio has the innovative companies implementing the most modern technologies, offering unique products and services about a very high quality – BALTIC CERAMICS S.A., LZMO S.A., SUNSHINE GARDEN S.A. and INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGIES S.A. These companies acquired grant-in aid for supporting inventions, introducing the technology, preparing the production and implementing products to the market, in the amount of 65,000,000.00 PLN from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, National Centre of Research and Development as well as the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.