PCH CAPITAL S.A. directly and indirectly through P.C.H. CAPITAL (CYPRUS) Ltd. owns 1 000 000 of privileged registered shares of ADVISEON S.A., which constitute 100% in the share capital and in the general number of votes.

The company’s share capital amounts to PLN 100 000.00.

ADVISEON S.A. is a professional advisor of the issuers of the debt financial instruments.

Upon the execution of the advisory projects of ADVISEON S.A.:

  1. recommends parameters, schedule and method of execution of the debt financial instruments offer to the issuers,
  2. prepares the informative materials about the issuers and debt securities for the potential investors before and during the offers,
  3. monitors and supports the issuers of the debt securities upon the execution of the benefits from the debt securities,
  4. prepares current and periodic informative materials about the issuers.