Dariusz Graff – President of the Management Board

Dariusz Graff is a manager connected with the financial and business advisory market for many years now.

In recent years, connected with the listed capital group – Internet Group, where he held the position of Development Director. Moreover, Dariusz performed the function of the Managing Director of Ad Net S.A., he sits in the Supervisory Boards of RUNICOM S.A. – NewConnect listed private equity fund operating in the sector of new technologies, and of EQUITIER S.A. – venture capital fund. Connected with PCH CAPITAL group since September 2011.

The supervisory body of the Company is the Supervisory Board, Chaired by the founder, Mr. Piotr Marek Chmielewski.

One of the members of the Supervisory Board is also Mr. Paweł Lewandowicz – at present the consultant of the Management Board of BPS TFI S.A., and previously, among others, the Head of the Department of Funds Transactions of Idea TFI S.A. also connected with the companies from the Skarbiec Asset Management Holding Group – Skarbiec TFI S.A., ProService Agent Transferowy Sp. z o.o., Cominvest Asset Management GmbH, Germany (Commerzbank Group), Skarbiec Investment Management S.A., PTE Skarbiec-Emerytura S.A.