25 September 2013 | LST CAPITAL S.A. – a portfolio company of PCH CAPITAL S.A. – is increasing its commitment in IN POINT S.A. again

On 23 September 2013 the private placement of class I shares of IN POINT S.A., a subsidiary of LST CAPITAL S.A., was concluded.

500,000 class I shares of IN POINT S.A. were taken up, of which 408,500 shares were allotted to LST CAPITAL S.A. The share issue price totalled PLN 0.40. LST CAPITAL acquired also on the basis of the sale agreement of 11 September of the current year 3,036,896 shares of IN POINT S.A. After registration of the initial capital increase through issuance of class I shares, LST CAPITAL will hold 89.80% of the share in the capital and in the total number of votes of IN POINT S.A.

IN POINT S.A. focuses on performance of projects in the field of the rapidly developing segment of innovative services provided via the Internet and mobile telephony, with the use of smart phones and tablets. At the beginning of May 2011 the company launched the Globlotto.com portal, which is an innovative Internet platform used for buying tickets in the largest world lotteries. The company plans that the rapidly developing portal expands into new markets and includes new foreign lotteries and it is going to acquire other entities operating in e-commerce (including those that already offer their products on the market) and create and develop its own projects. IN POINT S.A. shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange NewConnect market since 18 May 2011.

INNOVATORS S.A. – a company in 100% controlled by PCH CAPITAL S.A. holds 2,926,773 ordinary bearer shares of LST CAPITAL S.A., and together with Mr. Piotr Chmielewski, acting in agreement, they hold 4,459,662 shares of LST CAPITAL S.A. in total, which make up 10.06% in the initial capital and in the total number of votes.

The present value of the above-referred block of shares is PLN 3.835.309,32.

LST CAPITAL S.A. is a Venture Capital fund listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange main list and investing in innovative high-growth technological projects. The fund mainly invests in entities implementing leading-edge and advanced industrial technologies applied in the growing sectors of the economy. Another field of LST CAPITAL S.A. investments is development of e-commerce companies.