Within its advisory activities, PCH CAPITAL S.A. owns the entities specialised in the following areas:

  1. private equity funds management – PCH FUND MANAGEMENT Sp. z o. o. Sp. K.,
  2. financial advisory on the capital market - PCH CORPORATE FINANCE Sp. z o. o Sp. K.,
  3. support for corporate and individual clients in managing their assets - PCH PARTNERS Sp. z o. o. Sp. K.,
  4. loans, purchase of the receivables, financial support in the projects being executed by the portfolio companies - INTUITIA S.A.,
  5. 5. advising on issue of the debt securities - ADVISEON S.A.,
  6. advising on purchase the capital and investor relations – FINANCIUM S.A., NEVIUS S.A., ATTENTIA S.A.

These companies are providing services for PCH CAPITAL S.A. and for the group of stock exchange and private equity funds controlled by the group. They are also advising their portfolio companies and outside subjects.